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Thank you Christy for sharing your family with us. I have enjoyed reading your story, enjoyed meeting your family long, ago. Enjoyed Nick sharing about your writing, intrigued me about his family and finally got to meet you all. Love seeing Elias in the photos of his graduation. Ease let me know when you get your books published. The very best to you and the best to Elias.

Love and hugs to you Christy, and your family….and I will always have a special place in my heart for Elias. So proud of him! Take care…all of you. 🩷❤️💛

It’s been an honor to follow Elias along with you. Congratulations to Elias on his high school graduation - congratulations to you + Nick. That is such a tremendous accomplishment for all involved. And congratulations to Olive - what a summer of adventure awaits! I love you. ❤️

Your blog inspired me to start writing for myself — something I wanted to do since Charley died — back when I first read it, after Judy shared the link with me, was back in spring 2008. I have loved reading your words, seeing the glimpses into the truth and realness of your complicated life, and connecting with someone who leaned into vulnerability and honesty. And I totally get not writing/blogging anymore; I don’t either. Yet I journal privately constantly for the last year…and while it’s not the same as blogging, it works better for me in this uber public, connected digital world. Some things just need privacy.

Sending lots of love to the 4 of you! 💗💗

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your writing over the years and “following Elias”! Congratulations on all you have done to get him all the way across that stage in a cap and gown!! I hope he finds the “ next thing”…I’ll miss your words….
Carry on in the last frontier… best of luck to you and your family!

I loved meeting you and your family at Camp in Girdwood. That was so long ago it seems. You are a talented writer, always evoking feelings and pictures in my mind. Congratulations to everyone. Wishing Olive, Elias and yiu and your husband the best on your journey.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ a special place will FOREVER & ALWAYS remain in my heart!! The strength, inspiration and never wavering love you and Nick have shown over the years will never end and I’m grateful that I was able to be a witness to it all!!!
You’ve touched soooo many lives and hearts with your words over the years, but the most importantly thing I know I’ve gained was your personal insight to struggles that most of us will never firsthand experience, but gained the wisdom of how to carry on with a smile, strength and grace no matter the challenges……
It’s amazing - congratulations Elias!! Hugs and Kudos to you & Nick!!

I e mostly lurked but have been following and enjoying you for years. I’ll miss this, but you know when the time is right and a period is better than a slow fade. Best to all of you!

I love the way that as you "close" you "open" so that in some yet-to-be-determined way, the path will continue.

I have followed both for his/your story and for your words (and the fabulous photos as well!!). You have shared so much with the world. Thank you for letting us know you are closing shop, its good to know rather than to let us wonder and worry!
I'll connect through email as I would love to continue to read your writing. thanks again for sharing it, it touches many hearts.
Julie A

I have been following your blog since we had a 26 week preemie granddaughter 14 years ago. I remember looking frantically on the hospital computer trying to find any information and hope for preemies. We were lucky. I somehow found your site and have followed periodically since then. I love your writing and your openness sharing your family and hopefully others have found help and hope for their children. Good luck to you and your family and congratulations to Elias on his accomplishment.

I have been following Elias and you since you were writing at Parents. As an SLP and now a special education coordinator, having the chance to read about special needs from a parent perspective has been incredibly valuable to me. Also, your writing is just beautiful! I wish both Elias and you the best of luck in whatever new endeavors each of you pursue!

I always marveled at how you kept writing when you had so very much to manage! Your writing was a gift and I can’t thank you enough. That picture of Elias walking across the stage is just everything. Love to all of you. The future is bright.

I have so enjoyed your writing, your photos and all that you have shared here. I think you are a gifted writer so please do let me know what you do next. So excited for your grown up kids and all the adventures ahead of them❤️

I love your writing. You and Nick (I feel like we would be friends) are amazing humans and fantastic parents. I have really loved all that you have shared. I will forever be curious about your life and your next adventures. Please let us know what you are up to. Thank you!

Thank you for years of lovely and heartfelt words. You are a gifted writer that I much admire. Wishing you and your family the very best moving forward.

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